Letters: 'Keep Kettering free of skateboarding'

Letters to the editor

Sunday, 27th June 2021, 7:00 am
Skateboarding is banned in certain parts of Kettering.

There are two reasons why Kettering Civic Society supports the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) regarding skateboarding in the town centre.

Firstly, it is the public realm where people of all ages should feel safe to walk, including the elderly and disabled who can feel uneasy when confronted by the sudden movements of skateboarders around them.

Secondly, the damage caused by skateboarders to the fabric of the town.

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The award-winning Market Place had thousands of pounds spent on paving, as did the area along Sheep Street along past the art gallery.

In the past the Dryland drinking trough was restored by the civic society.

The town has just been granted government funding to help bring footfall into the town and people encountering skateboarders will not encourage this to happen.

The people of Kettering would not be pleased if their council tax was being spent on repairing broken steps and pavements, nor paying compensation to people injured by the same, or even an accident involving a skateboarder.

Perhaps those wanting to skateboard should look at other places to pursue their hobby?

Why not approach the council to use Meadow Road and raise funds to build a challenging skatepark where they can enjoy their sport to Olympic standards and not use the library, art gallery and Dryland trough as part of their skating course?

Kettering Civic Society fully supports skateboarding, but not in the pedestrian town centre where sport is inappropriate.

Kettering Civic Society