Letters: 'I'm sure Kettering's flowers would win national competition'

Letters to the editor

By Terry Young
Sunday, 8th August 2021, 7:00 am
Flowers in Kettering
Flowers in Kettering

On behalf of all of us who come into Kettering from whichever direction could I please give huge congratulations and a massive “thank you” to North Northants Council for the stunning displays of flowers which continue to adorn our town centre and the approaches to Kettering.

In particular the roundabout at the bottom of Rothwell Road and the traffic light area in London Road, both approaches to our two hospitals, really are a joy to behold.

And the fact that they all remain in full bloom after several weeks is a real testament to the care and hard work in raising and planting these lovely displays.

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Even more amazing is the fact that all this has been done by only three members of the Parks and Gardens Team (and they also look after Corby too!).

If there was a national competition I’m sure Kettering would be a real winner – it’s just a pity that there is not much else to bring people to our town.

I am certain that the sight of these lovely flowers each day really does raise the spirits of our weary NHS staff as they pass by to and from their hospital shift – so thanks from us all!

Mrs Terry Young,