Letters: 'E-scooters will force us off paths'

Letters to the editor

Sunday, 30th May 2021, 7:00 am

I would like to thank you for raising the issue of e-scooters in your newspaper.

Voi note that there are relatively few complaints made.

This is not because there is no problem, but because it is hard to get any response.

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I can say that over half the e-scooters that I have seen were ridden on the footpaths.

Twice an e-scooter came so close to me it clipped my walking stick.

The riders are away so fast there is no point reporting the incidents to the police, as they would not be able to get to the incidents in time.

The Voi e-scooters also seem to be a cover for a rapid increase in other e-scooters being used illegally on our footpaths and in our parks.

Our footpaths here in Corby will soon be unsafe for pedestrians as we are too slow to get out of the way of the many bicycles and e-scooters etc on the pavement.

Michael Crosby