Letters: 'Disposable barbecues should be banned'

Letters to the editor

By Alan Taplin
Sunday, 20th June 2021, 6:00 am
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When oh when is the sale of disposable barbecues going to be banned?

This week I have picked up and safely disposed of three of these things on our local public recreation area.

I have reported another two seen at the Environment Agency flood mitigation facility at Weldon, where people have climbed over a fence to have their barbecue.

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These have now also been disposed off safely.

Now, I am biased, I have never understood the lure of cooking and eating food outside.

Being presented with raw, burnt food to balance on my knee while trying to have a beer is not my idea of fun.

The big problem is that when these barbecues are left with their characteristic burnt grass area they are left with all the other detritus, plastic bottles, plastic food containers etc.

At one the barbecuers had also left a couple of open packets of napkins which had then scattered all over the field.

Unbelievably, there is a council-provided waste bin within 20 metres of where these people were.

I don’t know why these people disrespect their neighbours in this way, but I would like to think that if the sale of these barbecues was banned, people would be less likely to congregate together and leave all the other rubbish as well.

Alan Taplin,