Letters: 'County's Civil War history must be better recognised'

Letters to the editor

Sunday, 18th April 2021, 7:00 am
A re-enactment of the Battle of Naseby from a few years ago. (Photo by asdf)

On a foggy morning on June 14, 1645, the greatest battle in England’s history was fought between the Royalist forces under King Charles I and the Roundheads under Lord Fairfax.

The king’s army was destroyed and would lead to Charles’ brutal death in Whitehall two years later.

In America the smallest battle of their Civil and War of Independence is a national-owned park with a museum, battlefield information boards, full-time expert guides and free access.

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At Naseby there are two small Victorian monuments, no access to the private farmland that is the battle site and I think very few people ever visit.

This is shaming for our nation and the county of Northampton, and beyond my American friends’ comprehension.

John Wright,

By email