Letter: Northamptonshire’s new councils will inherit a big mess!

Cllr Andrew Dutton writes to the Telegraph this week to say he is concerned that the county’s new councils will inherit a ‘financial mess’ when the planned reorganisation takes place...

Northamptonshire County Council's headquarters, Angel Square
Northamptonshire County Council's headquarters, Angel Square

At some time this spring – the date is slipping back due to certain difficulties with Brexit negotiations – the Tory government is expected to announced that troubled Northamptonshire County Council, and the borough councils, will be abolished.

It is looking likely that Barton Seagrave and most existing electoral wards will disappear and merge to become part of larger areas in the new unitary council.

Liberal Democrats are campaigning for single councillors to be elected for smaller, distinct communities like Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer, etc.

This will ensure that councillors get to know local needs and represent local people better.

No-one called for reorganisation, but we must try to avoid it making things even worse, and councils out of touch.

Alas, the new councils will inherit the huge financial mess and daunting problems created by the Conservative-controlled Northamptonshire County Council.

Cllr Andrew Dutton, by email