COMMENT: Where's the justice for other families?

Northants Telegraph opinion

By NT Reporter
Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 2:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 2:34 pm
Mourners outside the funeral last year.
Mourners outside the funeral last year.

Police say they are disappointed they haven’t been able to bring anyone to justice following a huge funeral in Kettering last year.

Speaking at the time, chief constable Nick Adderley said it can’t be one rule for some and another for others and the force would be pursuing the organiser for their ‘total disrespect of the restrictions.’

So it begs the question why the CPS was only given the evidence on the morning the case was due in court.

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Surely the police had all the evidence they needed from weeks, if not months, before the case was due to be heard.

And what about all the other families who have abided by the rules and forgone the funeral they would have wanted for their loved ones during the pandemic?

Just this weekend, we saw how devastating it was for the Queen to be sat on her own at her husband’s funeral - another consequence of Covid.

So many sacrifices have been made by so many that it is disappointing that the police couldn’t follow through on their widely publicised intentions to bring those responsible for this to justice.