Northamptonshire couple 'lucky' to escape their burning home praise firefighters who came to the rescue

A couple has praised emergency services for their swift response after a fire broke out at their Northamptonshire home.

Judith and Steve Amery were asleep at home in Braunston, Northamptonshire, in the early hours of December 8 when Judith awoke to thick smoke.

There was no power to the landline, but Judith managed to get a signal with her mobile phone to call the fire service.

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The call was made at around 12.30am and firefighters from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue were on the scene by 12:50am.

Retired head teacher Judith said: “I can not praise them highly enough.

"The lady on the end of the phone was reassuring and stayed on the line with me.

“Three engines arrived very promptly. This was impressive in itself but the sensitivity and human qualities of the firefighters was amazing.

“Some dealt with the fire whilst others looked after us.

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“They wrapped us in blankets and sat us in the engine where they gave us both oxygen.

“They called the ambulance and woke up a neighbour who took us in.

"They came to update us frequently on the severity of the fire and confirmed that we (and our dog) had been extremely lucky to escape."

Judith said firefighters even checked her cockapoo's nose to make sure it had not been harmed by the smoke.

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The couple has a freezer in their car port, and as they left the house, Judith said one of the firefighters had noticed this and asked them if they wanted any food saving.

Mince pies are sausage rolls were retrieved and, Judith said, are being saved for Christmas dinner.

Judith added: “We were checked by medics in A&E due to the smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and shock.

“Again everyone was lovely, sympathetic and reassuring.

"Both our fire service and the NHS are wonderful.

“We should never moan of criticise the work they do.”

Firefighters stayed for hours through the night before securing it - and they returned the following morning to check for hot spots which could cause a second fire to break out.

The property has been seriously damaged and much of the couple's possessions have been ruined.

Judith said she and her husband are incredibly thankful that no one was hurt.