Northamptonshire animal rescue trust to close at the end of the month

The Algernon Trust, which has rescued and rehomed animals for 14 years, has announced it is to close.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 1st September 2015, 4:23 pm
Jane Shepherd
Jane Shepherd

The trust is based out of Whittlebury, but will close its doors on September 30 as its founder Jane Shepherd steps down with no one to replace her.

The trust ran a sanctuary in Whittlebury near Towcester, and also has a fundraising shop in Daventry’s Sheaf Street. There is also a team of volunteers who foster animals across the area.

A spokesman for the trust said: “Owing to the difficulties the founder Jane Shepherd has experienced since the death of her husband Melvin in September 2013, it has been decided to close down the Algernon Trust on September 30.

“Sadly there is no one to take over from Jane and the trustees have voted for the closure of the trust.

“Jane is enormously grateful to Animals in Need in Little Irchester who have offered to take over all the rehomeable cats and dogs as well as taking responsibility for previously adopted animals should any need to return into care.

“All the dogs in boarding kennels have been moved to Pine Tree Farm and the remaining cats and dogs will be transferred over the next few weeks as space becomes available.

“Jane will help out by looking after any returned cats and dogs until Animals in Need have room for them. She will continue to care for the elderly cats currently at the sanctuary plus the foxes and two of the trust dogs.

“Cats and dogs in long term foster care will remain Jane’s responsibility.

“Any trust income remaining at September 30 will be transferred to Animals in Need to cover the costs incurred by the trust animals taken over.

“Jane hopes trust supporters will also support Animals in Need, a rescue with the same ethics and policies as the Algernon Trust.

“Jane wishes to thank all the trust’s volunteers, supporters and trustees who have helped her rescue and care for animals since the trust was set up in August 2001. Jane and Melvin had saved domestic and wild animals since 1989 and September 30 will be a very sad day indeed.

“Our Just Giving Final Appeal Page can be found here for those wishing to donate Our Final Appeal.”