New MEP pledges to "get best Brexit deal" for East Midlands

Rupert MatthewsRupert Matthews
Rupert Matthews
The new Conservative MEP for East Midlands, which covers Northamptonshire, has been announced this morning.

Rupert Matthews is an author with 30 years of experience in publishing and broadcast media. He succeeds Andrew Lewer, who stood down as an MEP after being elected MP for Northampton South in last month’s general election.

Mr Matthews said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to represent the people of the East Midlands in the European Parliament.

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“The process of Brexit will be a demanding one and I look forward to playing a full role in gaining the best possible deal for the people of the East Midlands and of Britain.

“Not only do MEPs have an important role in securing a good deal with the EU, they still have a role to play in protecting our interests in Europe. The East Midlands needs strong representation in the European Parliament and I will be speaking to individual constituents, businesses, farmers and other groups that make up our great region to ensure their voices are heard in Brussels.”

Mr Matthews joins Emma McClarkin as the two Conservative MEPs representing the East Midlands.