Mission ImPUDSEYble: Wellingborough stars set to go on tour with new show

Ashleigh and Pudsey are set to star in Mission ImPUDSEYbleAshleigh and Pudsey are set to star in Mission ImPUDSEYble
Ashleigh and Pudsey are set to star in Mission ImPUDSEYble
Britain's Got Talent stars Ashleigh and Pudsey will soon be on tour with their new show.

The Wellingborough pair are about to take their interactive spy adventure on tour across the UK from March to June.

Mission ImPUDSEYble is a musical adventure which also features a full supporting cast of West End performers and acrobats.

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With a blend of live action, music, and video clips, it is being billed as a fun-filled comedy spy thriller with lots of action, physical comedy, audience participation as well as a host of dances and tricks from Ashleigh and Pudsey.

The tour starts on March 25 in Bradford and finishes on June 5 in Southend.

The story starts in the middle of the night when all is quiet in the Secret Vault in the depths of the Bank Of London until four scary figures descend on wires from the roof.

They are the cat burglars; a team of super villains working on the orders of the most dastardly villain of them all - Dr Feline.

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Skilfully they make their way through the complex maze of infra-red security lasers protecting Great Britain’s most prized treasure, the bone of Ruff.

But it’s not just any bone, this bone holds the secret to world domination.

When the cat burglars steal the nation’s prized possession there are only two agents clever enough to help, which is special agent Pudsey and his trusty companion Ashleigh.

With an array of gadgets, cars and gismo’s Ashleigh and Pudsey must find the bone before it’s too late.

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But they also need help from the audience in finding clues, breaking codes and deciding where to travel to next around the world.

The tour is the latest stage of Ashleigh and Pudsey’s career, which all started back in 2012 when they won Britain’s Got Talent.

Since then, they’ve danced the conga with Kim Kardashian, flown in a private jet to Hollywood with Simon Cowell, released an autobi-dog-raphy, performed for the Queen twice, won numerous awards, appeared on TV shows across the world and released their own calendar.

They are also due to appear on the forthcoming series of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

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TV shows have included Tog Dog Model, Super Famous Animals, Red or Black and Pet School in the can.

Ashleigh also got her first presenting role on the CBBC series, Who Let the Dogs Out in Autumn 2012.

They have starred in pantomime in Woking, Manchester and Bristol.

Their feature film Pudsey the Movie, hit the cinemas in July 2014 as part of a new collaboration between Vertigo Films and Simon Cowell.

The tour, which is aimed at anyone aged three and above, runs from March 25 until June 5 and will be visiting more than 10 locations around the country, including Reading, Portsmouth and Blackpool.