MEP for Northamptonshire calls to tackle bullying backed by ex-Saints player’s campaign

MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140515-125859001MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140515-125859001
MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140515-125859001
Conservative MEP for the East Midlands has joined forces with former Northampton Saints player Ben Cohen calling for new measures to tackle bullying.

Emma McClarkin has this week signed a Written Declaration calling on The European Council to encourage member states to undertake appropriate actions and measures, in an effort to reduce bullying across Europe. It will be forwarded, along with the name of the signatories, to the European Council and the European Commission.

The declaration also aims to highlight that children are particularly vulnerable to violence of a physical, sexual and psychological nature which in turn can negatively affect their physical and mental health.

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Ms McClarkin said: “Our schools need to foster a safe and stimulating environment which encourages children to learn and grow as people. They shouldn’t be places where students are bullied or face violence. Although many schools are very good at clamping down on bullying, across Europe more still needs to be done.”

Mr Cohen, who has launched his own campaign group the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, said: “Those who are bullied, whether at school, in the work place or community setting, suffer long-term negative effects as a result.

“We need everyone to StandUp against bullying and help to create a world of understanding and kindness.

“Efforts to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s minds and work to eradicate bullying is essential, and we at the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation are grateful that this is being addressed at the European level.”