Kettering village development continues despite two stop notices and no planning permission

The development of land in Cransley Road near Loddington has continued despite Kettering Council issuing stop notices because there is no planning permission.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 6:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th October 2019, 6:25 pm
Large lorries delivering to the site have caused tailbacks
Large lorries delivering to the site have caused tailbacks

Residents have said the site has now changed considerably with land levelled, deliveries of stone and paving slabs and the arrival of caravans.

Kettering Council issued a stop notice on Friday (October 11) but it was ignored over the weekend, so the council issued an enforcement and permanent stop notice that comes into effect on Saturday, October 19.

The landowner, who has since applied for planning permission, will have 28 days to submit an appeal to the planning inspector.

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One lorry got stuck on the country road

Title deeds show the land was bought in May 2019 for £100,000 by James John Delaney from Northampton.

Cllr Jim Hakewill (Independent) raised the issue at last night's (Wednesday's) Kettering Council executive meeting where he called the site an "invasion" and questioned whether the council had enough resources available in its budget to cope with the situation.

Executive director Martin Hammond said he could confirm that the authority could call on extra resources to deal with the issue.

Cllr Hakewill said: "I was assured that whatever resources were required they would be made available to properly receive and handle planning applications and defend any enforcement issues.

There are now caravans at the Cransley Road site that has seen development without planning permission

"My concern was that there should be resources available on top of the regular planning and legal budgets because this is an exceptional situation."

Locals say they are concerned about the volume of large vehicles on narrow lanes, especially after one large lorry delivering supplies became stuck and caused tailbacks.

One resident said: "Work continues on the site at pace. The stop notice doesn't coming into force until Saturday. There is a regular flow of lorries and vans delivering hardcore, stone and other materials during daylight hours."

He added that heavy machinery has been operating on the site.

The landowners have now applied for planning permission

Locals have also expressed concern about mud on the road potentially making the surface slippery.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Kettering Council said: "The council has no powers to prevent or stop the delivery of goods to the site.

"However, where we have been informed of the companies that have delivered to the site, through photographic evidence, we have written to them to ensure that they are aware that they are delivering to an unauthorised development."

The council said it would provide updates on the situation.

Residents said there has been machinery carrying out work on the site, despite the stop notices
Some residents have said they feel the amount of mud on the roads has been dangerous