Kettering school goes to the polls

There may be uncertain political times ahead, but one Kettering school has voted decisively this week!

St Edward’s Catholic Primary School held its very own election yesterday as the nation went to the polls.

Each year group in Key Stage 2 shared their class manifesto in a special assembly yesterday mornin,g with the whole school voting throughout the day at a polling station in the hall with a ballot box and ballot papers.

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The elected party was announced in assembly in the afternoon with the the Orange Party (also known as Year 5) declared the winners.

Their whole manifesto was about living a healthy life with the slogan “For a happier, healthier Fruiture”.

To maketheour school a healthy and happy place, some of their key ideas were:

Organising more sports tournaments between other schools in the academy.

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Wanting to wear slippers in class and have quiet time to relax and reflect.

Wanting more cookery lessons to learn healthy recipes.

Having a vegetable patch for each class where we can grow out own fruit and vegetables.

On Friday we have a treat day and this could include a non-uniform day, longer breaks and music on the playground.

Headteacher Pauline Cuddihy said: “The children are very excited to take over the school for a day and put their plans into place!”