Judge: Kettering couple who abused their baby daughter had '˜warped view of parenthood'

A Kettering couple who left their five-week old child with life-changing injuries had a warped view of parenthood, a judge has said.

Wednesday, 7th December 2016, 1:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:52 pm
Crown Court.
Crown Court.

Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore were jailed this afternoon (Wednesday) for the tortuous abuse in 2014, some of which they filmed.

Passing sentence, Judge Rupert Mayo described the harm caused to their daughter Isabelle as inexcusable and deliberate.

Sentencing Uzzell to six years in prison with an extended two-and-a-half years on licence, he said: “Isabelle has a limited life expectancy and will lead a life dependent upon care of others.

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“You cannot avoid responsibility for this: she was injured in more than one episode by you.

“That harm was deliberate and inexcusable.

“Your own childhood was fractured by violence and abuse.

“As a result, you developed in your own mind a totally warped view of being a parent and carer to an extremely vulnerable infant.

“I have concluded that you are dangerous in as much as there is a significant risk of serious harm to others from further offending by you.”

Northampton Crown Court heard how their daughter remained in hospital when an MRI scan revealed swelling in the brain and over the next days further evidence of injuries were found consistent with squeezing.

She had marks on the arm which showed the wrist had been “over-extended” and a fractured tibia. Later a fractured leg was discovered.

She may never regain full sight, has only a vague perception of light and dark, epilepsy, and will undoubtedly suffer from global developmental delay.

Sentencing Prigmore to 28 months in prison, Judge Mayo said: “Your priority should have been your daughter. It was not.

“It was yourself and your needs.

“You too have developed a warped sense of dependency upon a person whom you know is extremely violent to vulnerable infants.

“Your inability still to see the reality of Rocky is striking.

“Yes, it has been diagnosed as a recognised personality disorder and yes, it is being treated, but I have a duty to ensure that vulnerable people are protected.”

Uzzell was also sentenced to six months custody for separate charges of possession of indecent images of children, seven in Category A and five in Category B, to run concurrently.