Inside Corby couple's nightmare brand new £250,000 home

A Corby couple say they feel ashamed of how their own brand new home looks almost 200 faults were found.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 3:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 3:25 pm
This socket was clearly wonky with areas behind it not filled in

Marc and Stacie Smith have spoken of their ordeal after buying a Larkfleet Homes in Kestrel Road on the Priors Hall estate for £250,000. Here are some of the worst issues:

Clear marks were left on some walls
Areas around windows had been poorly decorated

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This was one of the ceilings
One shower room was not finished
Holes could be found under the floor when pressed
This damaged flooring was laid and with the damaged area clearly on display
This worktop was poorly fitted
The top of this door had not been painted
The wall behind the thermostat hadn't been filled in properly
Areas of the floor under carpets and vinyl were cracked
The corner of this room's wall and skirting board was clearly not straight
This area above a window was water damaged
This pipe came away from the wall and was left in this state
This ceiling light was exposed
This wall had a big chip in it
This skirting board had been bodged
This was the view of the floor under one table, which was clearly not even
Another image of a damaged piece of floor left on display
This towel rack was left hanging off the wall with a screw exposed
This was the state of one of the floors
These cupboards were left wonky
Flooring was cut and put on display like this
Areas around sockets weren't filled in properly
This crack was in one door frame
Areas of flooring were left uneven
This room had holes in the floor
These doors were far from being even
Some areas were unfinished
A pipe near a socket was left leaking
This piece of flooring was poorly cut with marks on the white surface
Some fixtures and fittings had been poorly put together
One bedroom's en-suite was left like this
This wall was cracked
One bathroom was left like this
The balcony was missing a bolt, leaving it potentially dangerous to stand on
Some of the brickwork was wonky
This was one area of flooring on completion day