‘I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else’: Residents fight back after Northamptonshire is ranked one of the worst places to live

Northamptonshire residents have hit back following a report that ranked the county the second worst place to live in the UK for “essential services”.

Friday, 11th December 2015, 3:09 pm
Delapre Park. By Minnie Teckman NNL-151112-152956001

The study by survey company B.Heard judged counties by crime data, the quality of schools, the number of people in poverty, fire service staff numbers, planning and health indexes and combined that with information from public opinion surveys to give an overall score.

Northamptonshire came close to the top a poll of undesirable regions in the country, beaten only by Humberside.

Facebook followers reacted to the news with many saying they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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Ali Hussain said: “I love it here. Moved out a few years ago, missed it so much we came back last year. Beautiful parks, loads of history and culture, lots of things to do and see and the surrounding areas are really beautiful. There are certainly a lot worse places to be!”

Andy Roberts said: “Northamptonshire is a beautiful county where many people to choose to live even if they work elsewhere. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, Northamptonshire is the place to be!”

Hayley Masters said: “A town is what you make it. Lived here all my life and it’s no worse than anywhere else. With these negative attitudes what else would you expect.”

Robert Ward said: “Lived in Northamptonshires and Northampton all my life wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-153050001

Nick Howell said: “Town is awful but the Shire is beautiful.”

Jo Judge said: “The shopping in the town centre could be a lot better but I love living in my little village just outside Northampton, it’s a beautiful county.”

Carol Ann Busuttil said: “The Northamptonshire countryside is stunning but I agree the town centre could do with a clean up.”

Laura Price said: “I think we are very lucky to live in Northamptonshire. So much for families to do and not too far from the coast.

By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-153039001

“My mum lives in Spalding and there is practically nothing for children, in fact if you ask Google it tells you the nearest country parks etc are in Northants!”

Mark Tucker said the best things about the county are: “Northampton Saints, Silverstone, Santa Pod, Rockingham speedway, a road network to make any county jealous, amazing river and canal network, two major rail lines stop at five of the county’s stations, castles, famous country homes, Wickstead park and Billing aquadrome.”

To read more about the report click here

By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-153018001
Abington Park. By Minnie Teckman NNL-151112-153028001
By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-153007001
By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-153101001
Guildhall, Northampton. By Lavinia Moore NNL-151112-152934001
One of the many beautiful Northamptonshire villages. By Mandy Bending NNL-151112-152945001