How takeaways in Corby rate for food hygiene

Food hygiene scores, HDC scheme ENGSUS00120121211084520Food hygiene scores, HDC scheme ENGSUS00120121211084520
Food hygiene scores, HDC scheme ENGSUS00120121211084520
With the weekend nearly here, a takeaway on the sofa in front of the TV might be on the agenda.

All eateries are given a rating from zero to five based on the hygiene in their premises, five being the best.

We run down the ratings for takeaways and sandwich shops in the Corby borough, according to data held by the Food Standards Agency.

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Look out for Kettering and Wellingborough ratings in the coming weeks.

For ratings in East Northamptonshire, click here.


Bombay Dynasty, 76 George Street, Corby

Burger King, Willow Place, Corby

Castle Kebab House, 83 Occupation Road, Corby

Corby Cod, 54 Burghley Drive, Corby

Corby Town Friar, 117 Welland Vale Road, Corby

Dominos Pizza, 3 Princewood Court, Corby

Golden Chois, 52 Burghley Drive, Corby

Golden Top, 109 Welland Vale Road, Corby

Hong Kong Chinese Take Away, 60 George Street, Corby

Johnny Wong, 69 Occupation Road, Corby

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Oakley Road, Corby

Mazza, 65 Occupation Road, Corby

McDonalds, Phoenix Park Way, Corby

Mias Fast Food, 64 George Street, Corby

Mr Chois, 105 Rockingham Road, Corby

Oakley Fish Bar, 5 Charter Court, Corby

Ocean Fish Bar, 11 Pytchley Court, Corby

Old Village Fish And Chip Shop, 60 High Street, Corby

Papa John’s, 35-37 Everest Lane, Corby

Pizza Hut, 8 Charter Court, Corby

Rocky Fried Chicken, 58 Rockingham Road, Corby

Royal Tandoori, 88-90 Rockingham Road, Corby

Subway, 2 Princewood Court, Corby

Subway, 62 Corporation Street, Corby

Subway, 13 Charter Court, Corby

Tip Top Takeaway, 24 The Jamb, Corby

Voujon, 101 Rockingham Road, Corby

Ya Hao Chinese, 104-106 Rockingham Road, Corby


Alis Balti, 9 Pytchley Court, Corby

China Village, 105 Welland Vale Road, Corby

Flames Grill, 66 George Street, Corby

Four Seasons Takeaway, 169 Farmstead Road, Corby

Lucky House Chinese Takeaway, 194 Studfall Avenue, Corby

McDonalds, 65 Corporation Street, Corby

Perfect Pizza, 66A George Street, Corby

Wing Hing Takeaway, 70 Rockingham Road, Corby


Cardamon, 182 Gainsborough Road, Corby

Corby Kebab House,177 Farmstead Road, Corby

Keiths Plaice, 71 Greenhill Rise, Corby

King Hong Takeaway, 85 Occupation Road, Corby

New Chois, 13A Pytchley Court, Corby

Rockingham Fish And Chips, 107 Rockingham Road, Corby

Studfall Chippy, 184 Studfall Avenue, Corby

Taste Of Chilli, 91 Occupation Road, Corby

Woks Wagon, 9A Charter Court, Corby


Eastern Spice, 67 Greenhill Rise, Corby

Best Kebab House, 50 Burghley Drive, Corby


Figaros Pizza & Pasta, George Street, Corby

King Kebab, 97 Welland Vale Road, Corby

Oriental Fusions, 97 Rockingham Road, Corby


Red Fort, 54 Rockingham Road, Corby