How new incinerators could pollute Corby's air

This is how two planned incinerators could increase pollution levels in Corby.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 5:00 am
One example of the potential pollution. Credit: Plume Plotter NNL-180115-110428005

Voluntary organisation Plume Plotter has mapped the effect of the plants at Gretton Brook Road and Shelton Road on its website, which shows the level and direction of pollution at any given time should the incinerators be built.

The Shelton Road site was approved in September 2016 despite widespread objections, with nearby residents concerned that pollution and toxins would be harmful to health.

A Plume Plotter spokesman said he would not want to live near one of the incinerators.

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He said: “Should people be concerned? That’s hard to answer.

“The point of the plume plotter is to show where the pollution is likely to fall so that people can decide for themselves.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to live near one of the incinerators.”

The spokesman added that the amount of oxides of nitrogren (NOx) for the two sites combined would be the equivalent of 8,000 additional diesel cars driving continuously at 30mph.

The incinerators are ‘unlikely’ to push pollution levels above the World Heath Organisation’s maximum annual average of 40 micrograms of NOx per cubic metre.

The background level of nitrogen dioxide in Corby is said to be 18 micrograms per cubic metre.

Although these new emissions are through a stack, unlike car emissions, they do sometimes reach the ground.

This is more likely in windy and/or sunny conditions, as shown by the plume plotters.

To view potential pollution levels at any given time, based on weather conditions and proposed emissions in the site’s planning application, click here.

For the Shelton Road site, click here.