How '˜fat girl' jibe inspired Kettering runner

A Kettering woman was out running when she heard something nobody ever wants aimed at them.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 6:00 am
Millie after a 10k in Peterborough

Millie Caffull was close to Wicksteed Park when a girl in a car driving past shouted “run, fat girl, run!”.

But rather than let it get her down the 23-year-old decided to pen an open letter to her heckler.

Millie, a communications manager, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.

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“The girl was in a car with her friends and she was just trying to get a laugh out of them.

“She probably didn’t even see me but it inspired me to write this letter and get my thoughts down rather than ignore it.”

Millie posted the letter on her blog ‘Millie Mind & Body’ which she started a few years ago after developing an eating disorder.

The open letter has already attracted treble the number of views her other blog posts reach.

Millie runs regularly for Kettering Town Harriers and competed in the London Marathon this year.

She said it’s important that people think before they speak as they don’t know what goes on in other peoples’ minds.

She said: “I know other runners who get heckled a lot when they’re out.

“People need to think about how they speak to other people.

“It’s really not nice to make any sort of comment about how someone looks.”

In her blog, she asked her heckler when they were last able to say they were proud of themselves like she was.

She said: “I wonder when you last felt proud of yourself?

“Funnily enough, for me it was on Sunday when I crossed the finish line of a 10k race.

“I was running, knowing I was about to get a personal record.

“My thighs were probably wobbling, my face probably looked a sight as I grit my teeth to keep up my finish line pace, and after running 6.2 miles in 25C heat, I definitely wasn’t looking my best.

“But at no point did I even think about that.

“I didn’t care about what I looked like.

“I was proud of myself, I had just achieved something amazing.

“You might think I don’t look like a runner, but I run because I love it and it brings me joy, and not for any other reason.”

And what would Millie say to the heckler if they were to read her letter?

In a dignified response, she said: “If she wants to go for a run with me she’d be more than welcome.”

To read Millie’s blog, click here.