Families cook up a fundraiser for Rothwell boy Sam

A school showed its support for one of its younger members by creating a cookbook to raise money for a children's cancer charity.

Sam Dawson was just two years old when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

He underwent brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy which meant he was unable to walk, talk, see, speak or swallow for many weeks.

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Since then, Sam has recovered and has exceeded expectations, with the tumour now under control.

When he joined the nursery at Rothwell Infants School last year, his mum Sarah spoke to nursery staff about the support the family received from the charity CLIC Sargent and the nursery quickly decided to start fundraising.

Led by nursery leader Jo Considine, they pulled together a collection of family recipes from the children who attend the nursery and the school to create their very own cookbook.

The sale of the book has raised £1,300 for CLIC Sargent, which supports children and young people with cancer.

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Mrs Dawson said: “We feel very humble and thankful to everyone who came together and supported CLIC Sargent in Sam’s name.

“One of the many things that CLIC Sargent provide is family accommodation, free of charge, just a five-minute walk from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where Sam was treated.

“CLIC Court is a five-bedroom house with a lovely garden. We spent a lot of time there during Sam’s treatment and met other families on their journey too.

“Sam’s grandparents stayed for Christmas in 2015 while Sam was really poorly.

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“What CLIC Court did was give us a chance to have some sort of family life and routine in the most difficult of circumstances and this helped us no end.

“We were still close enough to the hospital to feel safe, but in a homely environment.”

Ms Considine said: “Sam is an amazing little boy, and his family have been a great inspiration to us all.

“Sarah has spoken to us about the support that she has received from CLIC Sargent, and how that support helped her and the family get through the most horrendous of times.”

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Sam has now graduated from nursery and is in reception year with his friends who all look out for him.

Mrs Dawson added: “He’s a happy little boy who’s making the most of life and we couldn’t be prouder.”  

Local business BSH Home Appliances supported the project and provided design and marketing expertise, as well as producing the book itself.