Call for Corby's displaced deer to be given greater protection

The deer have lost many acres off woodland to new warehouse development

Friday, 26th March 2021, 7:01 am
Some of the deer next to a new development in Corby. Picture: Emma Graves.

A plea has been made to help protect dozens of deer that roam by the side of main roads in Corby.

The animals are believed to have been displaced by the proliferation of warehouse developments in the borough including the Midlands Logistics Park which saw a huge area of land cleared in Geddington Road.

Sightings of the animals have become more frequent in recent years and they can now be seen regularly in urban areas and by the side of Steel Road, the A4300 and around Priors Hall.

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At Corby's final borough council meeting on Tuesday, Cllr Mark Pengelly said that more needed to be done to protect the creatures.

He said: "People living around the old Fircroft Nurseries site have asked me about the amount of deer that are displaced running along the roads at night. Could we look at doing something with them in the future?

"The more work that goes on, the more the danger is going to increase. They're a danger to themselves and to passing cars."

Development control committe chairwoman Julie Riley said: "We have looked at this over the six years I've been on the council. I agree with you that they have nowhere to go.

"There's very little we can do."

The council has previously called in experts to look at the movements of the deer who said that they have roamed freely as far as Brigstock and back for years and that enclosing them was not practical.

Member of the public Emma Graves started a petition on the topic after she and others in the town reported seeing deer wandering at the roadside. She is calling for the deer to be rehomed in a country park. You can view her petition here.