Blooming Corby: town’s magnificent wildflower displays are latest in line of horticultural strides

The town’s environmental staff have been busy - here’s what’s coming next

Friday, 10th July 2020, 8:45 am

Corby’s wildflower meadows on verges and roundabouts has attracted huge praise since they came into bloom a few weeks ago.

But Corby Council, which is responsible for the beautiful displays, says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since the borough merged its environmental services department with Kettering’s last year, the new team has shared its knowledge and resources to ensure both boroughs‘ horticultural displays are best in show all year round.

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A wildflower roundabout in Studfall Avenue. Copyright: Northants Telegraph.

Some of the initiatives under way in Corby include major improvements to the town’s football pitches which, over the past year, have received matched funding for new goal posts and sockets for a number of sites, along with footballs for children’s training.

New posts on community pitches will go up in July and reseeding has taken place during lockdown, earlier than usual, to give the grass a better chance of surviving the winter months.

About 500 trees have been planted across the two boroughs - 200 of them in Corby - and more areas are being considered for planting.

More bedding plants and hanging baskets have been added to public areas and, next year, more early spring flowers will be expanded into other strategic areas including Phoenix Parkway to add a splash of colour to a largely industrial area.

The service has adapted how it manages key gateways into Corby and wildflowers and biodiversity at these sites has been encouraged.

As part of a wider pollinator scheme, the wildflowers have created some stunning displays across the town and will be developed further next year with ‘bee roundabouts’ and meadows in parks.

Meadow pilots have been successful and sail be developed next year in key areas including Oakley Road and Colyers Avenue. There will be micro-meadows in housing estates across the borough.

Corby’s cemeteries have been subject to significant improvements, in particular at Shire Lodge. A large area of bamboo will be removed and replaced with flower beds to bring additional colour to the area for next year.

Corby Council’s Lead Member for Environment Cllr Mark Pengelly said: “The borough is looking amazing.

”The shared service is doing a great job and the planting scheme has already been incredibly successful. We’ve had so many compliments about the wildflower areas.

”We know there has been some concern about the weedkiller used to create them but I’ve been assured it is not harmful to insects or animals and we are looking to greatly reduce our use of weedkiller where we can.

”We’re delighted with the way Corby is looking and we know it will only get better next year.”