'Bee heaven' created by Kettering and Corby councils goes viral around the UK

The image of the grass verge has prompted thousands of wildlife fans to urge their own councils to follow suit

By Kate Cronin
Friday, 17th April 2020, 8:27 am
Updated Friday, 17th April 2020, 8:47 am
This picture taken in Burton Latimer has been shared on Twitter thousands of times
This picture taken in Burton Latimer has been shared on Twitter thousands of times

A picture of a grass verges abundant with dandelions, long grass, daisies and weeds has been shared around the country after a wildlife fan praised the initiative on social media.

Corby and Kettering Councils' joint street scene service decided to let many of its grass verges grow out this year to help increase wildlife in the area.

They have put up signs around the boroughs that say: "Pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees."

A picture of one of the signs surrounded by dandelions near to the industrial area in Burton Latimer was shared by the Twitter account @wild_helper and has since been liked more than 13,000 times and shared 3,000 times. People from around the country have tagged their own councils to ask them to do the same.

Dandelions provide an early-Spring food source for pollinators including bees. They provide both pollen and nectar and are vitally important at this time of year when there are not as many other types of flowers yet in bloom.

The joint councils' grounds manager Sarah Parr said in reply to the tweet: "I work for Kettering/Corby Borough Council as the Grounds Manager. This tweet today has uplifted our team enormously.

"It is part of a larger pollinator project. The team is buzzing today from this. Thank you."

Another similar picture was taken at The Lakes, Kettering, by Kirsty Pearson and shared on Twitter

Corby Council lead member for environment Mark Pengelly said: "It's an initiative we took on when we formed our shared service last year. We've rolled it out across both boroughs. The staff have just done an absolutely brilliant job of it.

"We're also incredibly proud of the parks and gardens around the two boroughs which are looking superb. We knew they'd really come into their own this summer. It's just a pity there are not more people able to see them at the moment."