Elderly '˜scared to leave their rooms' at Wellingborough housing block

Anti-social behaviour at an independent living scheme in Wellingborough is making residents' lives a misery, according to those housed there.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 6:00 am
Charles Robinson Court in Wellingborough.

The Northants Telegraph met with a number of people living at Charles Robinson Court, who did not want to be named, after complaints about problems there.

The housing block in Gillitts Road, managed by Wellingborough Homes, opened for elderly residents in 1991.

Over the years people with alcohol and drug issues have been moved in - and other residents say it is having an impact on their quality of life.

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One resident said: “Some of the elderly are scared to come out of their rooms sometimes.

“They’re scared about what some of these people with issues might do.

“They want to use the facilities here but they can’t because they are frightened.”

Another elderly resident said they had seen people there on so-called zombie drug spice and that they had broken items in the block.

They said: “Every night there is a performance.

“They’re basically nocturnal and there’s always doors banging or people yelling.

“Nothing ever gets done, it’s unbelievable.

“Surely common sense would be to remove them from here.”

The residents were all critical of Wellingborough Homes over the lack of action taken and the lack of a support network.

They say that elderly people should not be placed in the same scheme as younger people with drug and alcohol issues.

One resident said: “They shouldn’t be moving people in that need support because there is no support network for them.

“There’s alcoholics, there’s people with drug issues, they shouldn’t be living with the elderly.”

One resident also complained about an incident last month where a carer could not get a response from an elderly woman.

They claimed that neither carers or the police could get through to anybody on Wellingborough Homes’ emergency number and that the woman’s door had to be broken down by officers, leaving her frightened.

In response to the residents’ claims, a Wellingborough Homes spokesman said they are working to resolve issues and concerns raised.

The spokesman said: “Charles Robinson is an independent living scheme for people with both housing and support needs.

“We work in partnership with Wellingborough Council to ensure those in need of support are in suitable accommodation.

“We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and are currently working with residents at Charles Robinson Court to resolve issues and concerns raised.

“Anyone who would like to report problems with their neighbours can do so by either calling 01933 234450 or reporting it on the customer portal.”