Desborough's newest political party offically launches

A party set up by residents frustrated at Desborough's seismic council tax precept rise has offically been launched.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 5:00 am
The party's launch event.

Independents for Desborough was created after town residents saw their precept rise by 422 per cent without consultation.

A vote of no confidence followed, and now the group hopes to take over the town council at the next elections in 2019.

Speaking at the launch at the town’s Ritz conference suite, party leader Kevin O’Brien said: “This is not only an issue with the precept but an issue with mismanagement.

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“On October 6 the Electoral Commission accepted that we were going to be a minor political party.

“Allan Matthews, the chairman of Desborough Town Council, said we couldn’t do it because we have not got the years of experience that they have got.

“But if they have got experience they are not using it.”

The group will not be fielding candidates at the county council elections in May, as they feel it is ‘too early’ for them.

They have already outlined areas they want to target if elected, including town centre vibrancy, local health provision and road safety.

Mr O’Brien added: “A lot of the things the taxpayers have been funding could have been paid for by the county council or grants.

“It’s far too easy just to take it out of our back pockets.

“One of our aims is to remove party politics from the council.

“We are a town, why does politics matter?

“There are 825 days left until May 2, 2019 [the next election], and with your vote we can do something about it.”