Prison officer from Stanwick faces jail after sexual relationships with inmates

She admitted misconduct in public office
HMP Woodhill.HMP Woodhill.
HMP Woodhill.

A prison officer from Stanwick has admitted having an “intimate relationship” with two serving prisoners and speaking with a third on the phone.

Latoya Gautrey, 32, had failed to notify the prison or the counter corruption team that the three male inmates at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes had a mobile device, a court heard.

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The mum-of-three accepted in court that she had kept the inappropriate relationships going from April 1, 2019, to March 12 last year.

Judge Francis Sheridan, presiding over a plea hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court today (Wednesday), asked how many of the relationships were said to be sexual.

Nigel Ogborne, prosecuting, said: “At least two, if not three.”

The court heard that Gautrey had struck up inappropriate relationships with three prisoners referred to in court as L Greenfield, T Williams-Dawodu and M Ashby.

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Gautrey accepted that her relationships with Williams-Dawodu and Ashby were “intimate”.

She admitted three counts of misconduct in a public office.

Judge Sheridan told the court: “The intimate relationship, referred to by the court of appeal, is of course intercourse.”

The prosecution alleged that Gautrey had kept in contact with the prisoners by phone until September 20 last year.

Abbe Arnold, defending, said that Gautrey should not go to prison as she had three young children aged four, 10 and 11 years.

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Gautrey had arrived at court without a bag ready to go to jail - something which the judge commented on.

Judge Sheridan said: “Custody is inevitable in this case. She must come prepared next time.

“I am not trying to be nasty. I am duty-bound to point out the realities so that she can make appropriate arrangements.”

The judge said a sentencing date could be fixed at any time from the week beginning August 16 but said all parties must be ready to proceed from that date.

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“What we do not want is a mother speaking to three young children and then having to go back to have to go through the agony of the children being told, ‘actually I am now back to a different date’”, the judge said.

Gautrey, of Needham Road in Stanwick, was given bail to reside at her home address on the condition that she must not go into any prison or penal establishment.

Judge Sheridan added: “You are not to phone any prisoner or serving prisoner under any circumstances whatsoever. You would lose your bail immediately if you did.”