Police train unloved dog they rescued from Rushden couple

Northamptonshire police officers have given a dog a new start in life by training him after they rescued him from Rushden.

By Phoebe Radford
Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 2:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 2:20 pm
Thor was given a new chance at life thanks to training from Northamptonshire Police
Thor was given a new chance at life thanks to training from Northamptonshire Police

Thor, a one-year-old Alaskan Malmute, was seized by police under the Dangerous Dog Act in November after he bit a neighbour.

It was not the first time Thor had bitten someone. He had bitten another neighbour in August when he had strayed and the neighbour tried to return him.

Specially trained police officers found that Thor had not been socialised or trained properly.

PC Eva Horn, who assisted the investigating officers, said: "Thor certainly didn't have the best start in life and we were determined to try our hardest to ensure he could get to a place where he was able to live the life he deserves."

Thor did not know how to play with dog toys, he was not toilet trained and was used to an abusive environment where raised voices were normal to him.

Police decided they did not want to give up on Thor so they started a training programme designed especially for him.

Thor was taught commands like "paw", "sit", "stay" and "touch". He was groomed properly and he learned to play.

Thor became happier and more confident and began to show affection to his handlers.

He has improved so much since the police took him on that a rehoming centre has agreed to help find Thor his forever home.

PC Eva Horn said: "Thor reacted so well to our training and has now become a much more well-rounded dog - all he needed was some love and attention.

"This was a great result for us and I hope this investigation shows that Northamptonshire Police will always look to find the best possible solution depending on the individual circumstances of an incident."

After Thor was seized, his owners were charged with being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

Paul Underwood 47, of Balmoral Avenue, Rushden, and Nicola Muca, 44, of Balmoral Avenue, Rushden, were both found guilty at Northampton Magistrates' Court on Thursday, December 5.

They were both given a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £245 each in costs.

They were also both given Disqualification Orders banning them from keeping dogs for a period of five years.

PC Eva Horn added: "We genuinely care about the wellbeing of animals in this county and will always aim to rescue them from abuse in order to give them a chance at the best life possible."