Police blast ‘blatant disregard’ of Corby Glasgow Rangers fans following illegal title-win celebration

It’s thought about 200 fans gathered on a field in Corby this afternoon

Monday, 8th March 2021, 8:54 am

Widespread criticism has followed a mass gathering in Corby this afternoon held to celebrate Glasgow Rangers’ first title win in a decade.

Although the party appeared to be spontaneous, many turned up in cars and made access to Kingsthorpe Avenue and Collingwood Avenue difficult.

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Glasgow Rangers fans gathered on Abington Fields after winning the Scottish Premiership title.
Glasgow Rangers fans gathered on Abington Fields after winning the Scottish Premiership title.

A number of them were hit with Covid fines after police turned up. The crowd has now been dispersed.

Hundreds of angry local people on social media have been highly critical of those who gathered in the park, just days after Corby’s Covid rates finally began to reduce after being among the worst in the country for many weeks.

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “Earlier this afternoon, we responded to reports of a large number of football supporters gathering at a park in Corby.

“Corby currently has one of the highest rates of Covid-19 in the country which makes today's behaviour all the more ridiculous.

The scenes were posted on social media this afternoon.

“The time for engaging, explaining and educating people in regards to the rules has passed - everyone knows what they should and shouldn't be doing and we have therefore been issuing fines to the people involved in this large gathering today.

“We hope this reassures the many people who have called in to report this incident to us.

“So many sacrifices have been made in the past year and we can see the finish line. It's blatant disregard like this that could set us back.”

Others, including local councillors, blasted the fans for their ‘disgraceful’ behaviour. Many who have made sacrifices by missing important family events during the past year vented their fury on social media.

Fans dispersed when police arrived. Image: Pail Stott.

Angry mum Karen McCluskey said: “Missed wake for my dear uncle, missed 16th Birthday, missed 40th birthday, missed 1st Holy Communion, missed graduation, potentially a missed wedding.

”Cancelled weddings for friends, missed Christmas, missed 21st for my niece. Missed time with step kids, missed birthday for my step grand daughter, missed Holy Communion for God daughter in May.

“So much we have sacrificed for the collective responsibility of all of us.”

Corby has thousands of Rangers fans because of its historic links with Scotland after many migrated to England to work in the steelworks.