‘Our broken hearts will love you forever’ - children of Earls Barton murder victim speak of their ‘most amazing’ mum

A court has ruled that Marion Price was murdered by her estranged husband

Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 4:11 pm
Marion Price - who was killed by her husband aged 63.

As a jury heard witness after witness speak of the loveable Liverpudlian who lit up their lives, they could not have escaped the outpouring of affection from Marion Price’s family toward the woman who they adored.

The 63-year-old who moved down to Earls Barton to be closer to her large family, many of whom had also moved there, was murdered by the man she was divorcing, a jury at Northampton Crown Court ruled today.

The finance manager at Croyland Nursery School had an incredibly close relationship with her son Gary Price, her daughter Toni Brown and her three grandchildren. She had such an amicable relationship with her first husband Alan that she lived next door to him after they separated.

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Some of her seven siblings and their spouses gave moving evidence during the crown court trial, as well as her daughter who wore a ‘Woman Up’ t-shirt during her testimony in support of her mum who lost her life at the hands of her bullying husband.

Today, speaking to this newspaper, Toni and Gary said: “Our mum, our Nana Marion, our sister, our auntie and our best friend - ’Our Marion’ - was the most amazing, kind, bubbly, excitable, beautiful human being you could ever meet.

“She always wanted the best for people and to see people happy and succeed in life. She would light up a room with just her smile and was always laughing, singing and dancing around the house and was so full of joy.

“Mum was from a very close family of eight siblings, six girls and two boys, along with three beautiful grandchildren and her 92-year-old mother who is still with us and still the funniest member of the family!

“Her life revolved around her family and she always had time for everyone.

“Our mum has been stolen from us but her spirit, smile, bubbly personality and strength is something that can never be stolen.

“We will never forget your smile and the love you showed to everyone in your life mum and we will continue to talk about how amazing you were for the rest of our lives.

”Our broken hearts will love you forever Xx"

This afternoon a jury also convicted Michael Reader's best friend Stephen Welch of murder.

Welch helped Reader track Marion's movements for months before picking him up after the shooting and disposing of items in the River Nene.