Northampton stalker subjected victim to 'mental terror' over seven months of harassment

For more than half a year, the victim had to endure Sorin Kiszela waiting outside her house every day and spring on her when she went to work, the gym or see friends

Saturday, 10th April 2021, 6:00 am

A Northampton stalker how made a daily habit of waiting outside his victim's house to ask why she wouldn't date him has been spared jail.

Sorin Kiszela, of no fixed address, harassed the Northampton woman for seven months in a ceaseless campaign of frightening letters and shadowing her every move.

For more than half a year, the victim had to endure the 47-year-old waiting outside her house to spring on her when she went to work, the gym or to see friends.

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A stalker who harassed a Northampton woman for over seven months has been told if he ever contacts again he will go to prison.

At Northampton Crown Court yesterday (April 9), Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking told the man he needed to learn that no meant no.

"You subjected her to mental terror," the judge said. "You made your victim's life a misery for seven months.

"You called her, you waited outside her address, and repeatedly contacted her through letters.

"You must accept that if a person does not want a relationship with you you should accept that."

The court heard how Kiszela's "erratic" behaviour left the woman suffering from nightmares and stress related illnesses.

Excerpts from his letters to her and heard in court included an appeal to her in the words: "You're punishing me - but I forgive you".

The woman's friends reportedly told Kiszela repeatedly that his advances weren't welcome.

Even warnings that they would call the police did not put him off - as Kiszela reportedly told the woman that he if was arrested he "would find her no matter where she were in the UK when he got out of prison".

But at court yesterday, the judge handed the 47-year-old a restraining order warning him not to contact the victim again or go anywhere near her work or home.

"If you break this order, you will go to prison for up to fie years," she warned.

Kiszela was also given a 12-month community order and 100 hours of unpaid work.