Nightmare Kettering neighbour pays the price for booming music

He's been left with a big bill

Hunt has been left with a big bill.
Hunt has been left with a big bill.

A nightmare neighbour has been left counting the cost after continuing to blare music from his Kettering flat despite several warnings.

Aiden Hunt caused misery for his fellow Russell Street residents with regular complaints about loud music and excessive noise made to what was then Kettering Council.

Environmental protection officers witnessed the booming noise and the 23-year-old was served with a community protection notice.

But incidents of loud music continued and were witnessed again by the officers and Hunt was then issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100, which he failed to pay and was then prosecuted for failing to comply with the community protection notice.

Earlier this month magistrates sitting under the single justice procedure found the case proven against him and Hunt was ordered to pay a total of more than £1,500.

The total bill came from a fine of £220, council costs of £1,255.44 and surcharge to fund victim services of £34.

Russ Howell, health services manager at North Northamptonshire Council, said: "Noise nuisance is a source of real stress and can severely affect the health and wellbeing of those who are exposed to it.

"North Northamptonshire Council treats all complaints of excessive noise seriously and will not tolerate such anti-social behaviour.

"This case shows clearly that where evidence is gathered, the council will take the appropriate enforcement action."