Murder victim Marion Price died from a 'close range single shotgun wound', court hears

Day 10 of the Marion Price murder trial

Saturday, 17th October 2020, 9:00 am
File picture: Copyright SWNS

A Home Office pathologist told a jury that Marion Price was likely killed instantly when she was shot to the head on December 15 last year.

Dr Michael Biggs, who examined Marion's body the day after she died following a shooting outside her home in Earls Barton, told day ten of the murder trial at Northampton Crown Court that the 63-year-old was shot through the closed window of her car.

During the post-mortem examination, which took place at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Dr Biggs said multiple shotgun pellets from a 'single discharge' were found in Marion's face and head.

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They caused fractures to her skull and pieces of shot had gone through her skull.

There were also multiple small lacerations to her face, and small fragments of glass were found in her face. There was also bruising to her arms and shoulders.

Dr Biggs said: "At the point that the metal pellets have penetrated the brain, that's not compatible with life. It would be possible to the heart to continue beating for a short period of time."

The court was told that the injury 'close range, but non-contact,' and that the barrel of the shotgun was not touching the skin when Marion was shot.

Dr Biggs added that her injuries were consistent with her having put her right hand up to the side of her face at the time of the shooting.

Under cross examination by William Harbage QC, Dr Biggs was asked if he could pinpoint a time of death for Marion. He said that 'despite what you may have seen on television,' pathologists could not give a precise time of death. He said he could only narrow down the time of death to when Marion last had contact with her family at 4.20pm and the time she was found dead, three hours later.

The trial continues.