Motorists' 'belt up' warning as police launch safety crackdown on Northamptonshire's roads

'Seat belts can be difference between life and death,' warns traffic officer

Police have launched a crackdown on anyone not belting up on Northamptonshire's roads.

The campaign, part of a National Police Chiefs' Council national operation, runs until June 13 aiming to dramatically cut the number of people killed or seriously injured.

Not wearing a seat belt is one of the 'fatal four' driving offences — alongside speeding, drink-driving and using a mobile — which is most commonly linked to road casualties.

Research has shown more than a quarter of all males who died in crashes were not wearing a seat belt.

PC Dave Lee of Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Team said: “Wearing a seat belt in a car is such a basic piece of road safety advice and could be the difference between life and death in a road collision.

“Last year we held a similar operation and more than 250 seat belt offences were detected over a three-week period.

"It amazes me that some people still fail to belt up or wear their seat belts incorrectly.

Northamptonshire Police has launched a three-week crackdown on drivers not belting up.

“Having attended a number of fatal road traffic collisions where people have been ejected from the car, the consequences of not wearing a seat belt just aren’t worth contemplating.

“By not wearing one, you’re 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle and twice as likely to die from injuries as a result of a collision. So please take responsibility for your personal safety on the roads and belt up!”

Officers will focus on educating drivers and passengers on the dangers of not wearing a seat belt — particularly the use of child seats and carrying under-14s in cars.

That will be followed by a two weeks of enforcement when anyone caught not belted up will be offered the choice of an online education course or a fixed penalty fine of £100.

If they elect to go to court, the fine increases to a maximum £500.

Drivers with too many passengers in vehicles will receive an automatic three points on their driving licence and a £100 fixed penalty fine.