Magistrates jail thief less than 48 hours after Northampton break-in

Police delight at prison sentence means 'one less burglar for people to worry about'

A thief who broke into a Northampton garden shed on Saturday (March 12) started a seven-month jail sentence less than 48 hours later.

Magistrates jailed Nicky Sheehan, aged 34, after he pleaded guilty to one burglary and one attempted burglary in Far Cotton.

Sheehan, said to be of Abbey Road, was disturbed while forcing open shed containing a bike, quad bike and a lawnmower. The quad bike and mower were left behind and officers later recovered the bike he rode off on.

Magistrates jailed Sheehan for seven months on Monday.

Investigations formed part of Operation Orbit – the police response to a number of burglaries that had been taking place in the area around the same time.

Sheehan was subsequently arrested in connection with the incident in Forest Road and pleaded guilty to two burglary offences.

Magistrates sentenced him to seven months in prison on Monday (March 14) after hearing he had breached community orders for previous offences.

Lead Investigator, PC Tom Hollis from Northamptonshire Police burglary team, said: “I’m pleased to see Nicky Sheehan sent to prison because it means that there is one less burglar for the people of Northamptonshire to worry about.

“Being a victim of a burglary is a lot more violating than people imagine as your home is meant to be somewhere in which you can relax and feel safe.

“Knowing someone has been inside your property to steal your hard-earned possessions can leave a person feeling anxious and really unsettled.

“That’s why we place such an emphasis on tackling burglary in this county and putting offenders like Nicky Sheehan behind bars.”