Kettering knife amnesty sees these weapons taken off the streets

These were just some of the blades which were recovered

Friday, 21st May 2021, 10:59 am
These knives were recovered. Credit: Kettering Police

More than two-dozen knives were surrendered to police in Kettering yesterday (Thursday) as part of an amnesty day.

A total of 25 bladed weapons are no longer on our streets after the day of action in the town centre, following a campaign on social media which urged people to hand them in.

They included folding knives and knives on a keychain, which will now not potentially be used for criminal activity.

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A police spokesman said: "The idea that carrying a knife for protection is not a good one.

"It could end up being used against you potentially causing you a serious injury or even death and you could end up doing the same to someone else.

"If you don't carry a knife these things can't happen in the first place and you, and those around you, are safer."

Anyone who is worried about someone they know who is carrying a knife, or who wants to talk to someone about knife crime or ask advice, should call 101.

Always call 999 in an emergency such as when a crime is in progress and/or someone is in immediate danger.