I should have been charged with stupidity, says Corby criminal who rammed police car

He's been locked up

By Sam Wildman
Saturday, 27th March 2021, 8:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 1:49 pm

A Corby crook has been locked up after ramming a police car in a desperate bid to escape just four days after a court bailed him.

Alex Lundy had stolen another vehicle when he was spotted in Rothwell and blocked in on the morning of February 26 this year.

An officer told him to stay where he was and got a police dog out, leaving another in her car, only for the 45-year-old to ram the police car three times and drive off.

Alex Lundy has been jailed.

He was later found in a back garden after crashing and admitted a series of charges including dangerous driving - before telling a judge a charge of stupidity should have been added to the list.

Yesterday (Friday) he was jailed for a total of 36 months at Northampton Crown Court.

The court heard Lundy, of Maidford Road, was given a suspended sentence for burglary in December 2020, and then admitted dangerous driving and assaulting an emergency worker on February 22. Those charges related to an incident in 2019 in Kettering where he drove a motorbike into a police officer before speeding off and hitting a pedestrian in Silver Street.

The criminal, who has convictions for 69 offences dating back to 1994 including nine offences of driving whilst disqualified, was bailed ahead of his sentencing hearing.

But just four days later he was back in trouble.

Prosecuting, Priya Bakshi said a woman in Cold Ashby was going to work and got into her Audi at about 7.30am before realising she had forgotten something. She went back into her house but came out to find Lundy in the driver's seat and shouted at him to get out.

Lundy, who appeared at court over videolink from HMP Lincoln, drove off and ran over her foot.

Reading a victim impact statement, Ms Bakshi said: "Since the incident she has been distraught. She is scared that someone may be watching her."

Later that morning the car was spotted by a passer-by who witnessed a man pulling the registration plate off the front. They called police because it looked suspicious and the Audi was later recovered in Corby.

Meanwhile, a police officer in Cold Ashby saw a BMW which they suspected was linked to the crime and stood in front of it so it would stop.

But Lundy, who was driving it, did the opposite.

Ms Bakshi said: "Instead of it stopping it accelerated towards him. The officer had to jump out of the way onto the pavement."

Another police officer was on duty in Rothwell with police dogs, on the lookout for the BMW, when she saw it in Squires Hill.

She clocked Lundy, who was banned from driving, and got one dog out of the vehicle, telling Lundy to stay where he was as he was blocked in.

But Lundy tried to ram his way out, hitting the police car three times to create a gap to escape through.

One of the police dogs was in the vehicle at the time and was left shaken by the incident, the court heard. The incident caused damage costing about £3,700 to the car and left it in such a state it couldn't be driven.

Police quickly spotted the BMW haring around the town, driving on the wrong side of the road, and gave chase. They lost sight of it but later found it crashed in Moorfield Road.

Lundy jumped out and was found in a nearby garden with a push bike and was arrested.

When he was in custody he said to one officer: "Between you and me I only rammed her because she got her dog out."

Mitigating, Emma Scott said Lundy wanted to try and work with probation when he was spared from prison in December but "slipped up", adding that he accepted that he should know better.

She said: "He is remorseful for his actions. He is trying and he needs to try harder."

At one point during the hearing Lundy raised his hand so he could speak directly to Recorder Jacob Hallam QC.

He said he was disgusted by his actions and embarrassed by what he had done.

He said: "If there was a charge for stupidity I would ask you to also impose that on me."

Lundy was jailed for a total of 36 months - 16 months for the Rothwell incident and 20 months which was activated from his previous suspended sentence.

He will serve half in custody before being released on licence and Recorder Hallam QC told him he would have 18 months to "think things through".

Lundy then said: "I just need to get a job at Tesco and forget vehicles exist."

The criminal was also banned from driving for five years.

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