How Northamptonshire Police are tackling dark web drug dealers and child abusers

Hi-tech investigators have already seen pervert jailed for 30 years over sick pics

Friday, 5th August 2022, 3:09 pm

Specialist digital detectives at Northamptonshire Police are fighting a hi-tech war on drug dealers and child abusers lurking on the so-called ‘dark web’.

The force uses specialist software to allow investigators to access obscure sites where criminals are able to interact using private networks that keep key information secret.

Detective Sergeant Jason Cullum said: “During our latest week of action focusing on drug harm, we thought it would be useful to shine a light on the work we are doing in relation to tackling criminality on the dark web.

Northamptonshire Police has specialist teams working to combat criminals using the 'dark web' for drugs and child abuse

“We have invested in new software and more officers are receiving specialist training which will enable then to tackle criminals who think — wrongly — that they are operating beyond the reach of the law.

“Northamptonshire is in the early stages of this journey, but our approach is becoming ever more sophisticated.”

Many believe the dark web is a complex, secretive place involving encryption and hackers, where child abusers and drug dealers work anonymously with little chance of getting caught.

In fact, it is no more complicated than using apps on your phone — but without Google to help find sites. Users need exact addresses or links to connect.

It uses a browser designed help those living under by repressive regimes to communicate with the outside world but also allows criminals to remain anonymous.

In March this year, a 57-year-old Northampton man was jailed for 30 years after indecent photographs of children taken by the prolific abuser were discovered on the dark web.

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