Gone in 60 seconds: The CORBY CRUSHER whirrs into action!

The first lot of off-road motorbikes were crushed this morning by Northamptonshire Police

Friday, 31st July 2020, 5:27 pm

Fourteen bikes were squished into a small cube today (Friday, July 31) after Northamptonshire's most senior police officer pledged to finally get to grips with the areas's off-road bike nuisance.

Illegal riders have been an issue in the town for years - with teens and adults riding them at speed on footpaths, on grassed-areas or on roads with no safety gear, insurance or tax.

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The Corby Cube went on display today. Picture: David Jackson

Today, fourteen bikes that have been seized by the force in recent months were taken to a secret location and crushed to bits. They went on display today in Queen's Square as a reminder to those who don't heed the law.

Our reporter was invited along to see the first crushing event which saw the bikes squished in 60-seconds flat. The police have vowed to continue their fight against the off-road menace.

Sergeant Rachel Grey said from the Corby Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "The start of this came in lockdown when officers had that time to go out and get intelligence from the community and it's worked.

"People have been at home more and telling us what's going. Everybody in Corby knows who's responsible for this.

Sergeant Lee Flavell with the crushed bikes

"Now we have got to get to keep our foot on the pedal and and keep up the pressure on these people.

"We'd really like people to continue emailing and phoning us with information about these bikes."

The bikes crushed today have been confiscated from Corby during the past two or three months. Local people have sometimes been critical of the police for crushing the bikes instead of repurposing them.

"But we don't know the origin of these bikes or how they've been looked after," added Sgt Grey. "They may have been stolen years ago so we can't be passing on potentially stolen or unsafe property to members of the public."

The Corby Cube. Picture: David Jackson.

Sergeant Lee Flavell said that the force has been boosted by the provision of their own off-road bikes. He said: "This is our daily transport. When we are searching for criminals we're not constrained and we can follow them when they go off-road.

"We know that drug dealers use off-roaders and having these bikes to use every day makes it easier for us to catch them."

The force has also taken delivery of its latest weapon in the fight against off-roaders - DNA in a can which officers can spray at offenders.

CCTV and ANPR cameras are also set to be improved in the town.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire Stephen Mold was at this afternoon's event in Corby town centre. He said: "This is part of our demonstration of visible policing.

"It reassures the public that when they phone us with this intelligence, something is being done.

"Crime like that has been more obvious to people during lockdown and we're grateful to those members of the public who have given us intelligence to help us catch these people."