Former Northamptonshire Special Constable 'sacked' following conviction for brawl on train

Off-duty constable punched a man after he started filming her, tribunal told

Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 9:10 am

A former volunteer police Special Constable would have been sacked had she not already quit the force after being convicted over an off-duty brawl.

Robyn Wilson pleaded guilty to assault against a male and was given a six-month conditional discharge at Coventry Magistrates Court in February this year.

Details of the police hearing on May 6 revealed Wilson was alleged to have punched a man in the head after knocking a mobile phone out of his hand while on a journey from Oxford to Banbury after going out with friends in May 2021.

Former Special Constable Robyn Wilson quit following a conviction for assault — but would have been sacked, a disciplinary panel has ruled

A Northamptonshire Police disciplinary hearing, chaired by Chief Constable Nick Adderley, has now ruled she would have faced instant dismissal for gross misconduct had she not resigned.

The hearing was told Wilson had breached the standards of professional behaviour towards a member of public, whilst off duty.

A police statement revealed trouble started after Wilson and her friends bumped into another group on the train.

It said: “It became clear that a member of her group knew a member of the other group and the two groups began to interact.

“In the course of the interaction, it was learned that she was a police officer. She made a comment which a member of the other group appeared to take offence.

"Due to the issue causing tension between the groups, one member of the other group started to film the officer on his phone.

“When she realised she was being filmed, she reached over and with a closed fist punched the phone out of his hand. She then lunged at him as a result of which members of the group accused her of punching him to the head.

“She can be seen attempting to knock the phone from his hand again.”

Both groups got off at Banbury without incident.

Wilson admitted conduct lacking respect and courtesy to members of the public who were aware she was a constable and which was likely to undermine the reputation of the police.

Last year, SC Wilson, was hailed for her “outstanding work” in helping convict a serial shoplifter who took an astonishing 96 bottles of booze from three Northampton stores during a 25-day spree.