Fake suicide bomber jailed for three years after threatening to blow up police station in Northampton

Thanki sparked armed response and evacuated buildings - all because of an argument with his mum

By Jack Duggan
Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 12:38 pm

A fake suicide bomber who threatened to blow up a police station in Northampton was jailed for three years today (Wednesday, July 28).

Jayesh Thanki turned up to Weston Favell Police Station wearing a rucksack on his chest with his hand inside pretending to hold a detonator in May.

The Pyramid Close building and those surrounding it were evacuated while armed police officers negotiated with the 45-year-old, of Dryleys Court, Northampton.

Jayesh Thanki. Photo: Northamptonshire Police

They eventually distracted him and tackled him to discover the bag was full of clothes, Northampton Crown Court heard.

Earlier that day, Thanki had threatened and abused a 999 call handler and told them he was going to blow up the police station - all because he had been kicked out of his home in an argument with his mother.

Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking QC told him: "Anyone looking at you would have thought in view of the rucksack and what you said that you really were a suicide bomber and that must have been absolutely terrifying in that moment."

Caroline Bradley, prosecuting, said Thanki called the police control room in Northampton to complain about being unfairly evicted on May 14.

He then abused the call handler, telling them he had a bomb and was going to Weston Favell Police Station with it.

At 12.20pm, he arrived at the police station wearing a white face covering and said the bag contained a bomb.

Eight armed officers, nine non-armed officers, a dog handler, a specialist explosives team and the fire service were called to the scene while the station and a training hub were evacuated.

Plans were put in place to evacuate Weston Favell Shopping Centre but that was not necessary in the end.

Thanki continued to state he had a bomb but officers managed to take him down after he took the offer of a cigarette, when they found it was all a hoax.

The defendant pleaded guilty, saying he was just trying to get the police's attention after the argument with his mum.

Judge Lucking told him he 'could have easily been shot' and caused 'devastation' for whoever killed him when they discovered there was no bomb all along.

"I fully accept you have something of a complex history with a degree of personality issues and you have struggled with drug addiction but the reality is on this day you caused substantial disruption and put your own life at serious risk," she added.