Corby woman was ‘steaming’ when she used fake prescription at Mr Pickford’s

She used a dental prescription to try to get Diazepam and Temazepam

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A Corby woman who told police she wanted to ‘get wrecked’ tried to use a dental prescription to fool pharmacists in Corby into handing over sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds.

Caroline McCulloch, 52, admitted two offences of forgery when she appeared before magistrates yesterday (Thursday, September 24).

Prosecuting solicitor Julie Costello told Northampton Magistrates’ Court that the defendant, of Northbrook, had visited Mr Pickford’s in Corby town centre on July 29 last year.

She had a prescription for 84 Diazepam and 84 Temazepam written on a dental prescription in her own handwriting.

Ms Costello said: “They were not happy to dispense because they were dental prescriptions.

“She then went into Boots and they put her off and said they didn’t have the drugs on site and she should return the following day.”

When McCulloch did return, police were informed and she was arrested.

Ms Costello added: “She said she’d written them out herself in her own name because she wanted to ‘get wrecked’.”

Mitigating, Alistair Evans, said that McCulloch claimed she had been told to get the drugs for someone else.

He said: “She was ‘steaming’, in her own words.

”To then present a dental prescription for Diazepam and Temazepam was a fairly hopeless attempt by a lady who was clearly intoxicated.“

The court was told that McCulloch had a long history of shoplifting but that she had cleaned up her act in recent months and was trying to ‘keep her head down’.

”It’s taken her many years to reach that stage,” said Mr Evans.

Magistrates adjourned sentencing until November to allow for a probation report to be compiled.