Corby robber fractured woman's arm with metal pole after being given chance by judge

She has been jailed

A robber from Corby who was given a chance to show she had turned her life around fractured her ex-girlfriend's arm with a metal pole just weeks later.

Nikki Lee Martin, 31, was due to be sentenced in July last year after a terrifying robbery in which she told her shop worker victim she was armed.

A judge at Leicester Crown Court deferred her punishment hearing to a later date so she could prove herself and show she deserved a lesser sentence.

Nikki Lee Martin has been jailed.

But by the end of the month she found herself banged up on a GBH charge after battering her former partner with a weapon in the street.

His Honour Judge David Herbert QC told her: "You did not take that chance, unfortunately."

Yesterday (Wednesday) Leicester Crown Court Martin and her victim's relationship had had an unhealthy history, with her victim banned from contacting her by a restraining order.

On July 29 Martin, of Herford Close, approached her in the street in Corby and poked and prodded her before subjecting her to a nasty assault.

She kicked her in the head while she was seated on the kerb and then hit her with a metal pole with such force she fractured her arm, showing no remorse at the time.

Judge Herbert said: "[You said] effectively that you were going to finish her and that it was a shame it was not her head you hit."

The court heard Martin, a crack cocaine and heroin addict, had earlier appeared before the court after she was convicted of fraud and robbery.

On February 29 last year she used a bank card which was stolen in a burglary to fraudulently buy £55 worth of goods from a One Stop in nearby Uppingham.

But just over a week later, on March 8, she went back to the same shop with more sinister intentions.

Making no attempt to conceal her face or hide from the view of cameras, she robbed a shop worker by pretending she was armed with a weapon.

He was so frightened he handed over £420 in cash and other items before she left the shop.

Judge Herbert told Martin: "I hope you appreciate how frightened he was, fearful of what was taking place because of the threats. He remains fearful of the consequences."

The court heard her actions were 'out of desperation' to repay a drugs debt after a dealer made threats of violence against her and her family.

Mitigating, Liam Muir said Martin had even told the worker she robbed that she had no choice.

He said: "This is a woman in absolute panic and doing what she is told."

Martin, who has previous convictions for dishonestly and assault, wiped tears from her face throughout proceedings yesterday.

She appeared over videolink from HMP Peterborough, where she has been on remand since August and has taken significant steps in custody, Mr Muir said.

He said: "She is doing everything she can to make sure she comes out a more equipped person."

Judge Herbert jailed Martin for a total of 30 months - 18 months for the robbery and 12 months for GBH without intent.

He also made a restraining order banning her from going to the One Stop in Uppingham for five years.