Corby flasher sentenced after court hears Eyebrook Reservoir victim was left sleeping with knife under her pillow

He was found guilty of two indecent exposure incidents at the Eyebrook Reservoir

Tuesday, 19th April 2022, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th April 2022, 8:33 am
Andrew Ross, formerly known as McElhinney,  indecently exposed himself to two women at the Eyebrook Reservoir
Andrew Ross, formerly known as McElhinney, indecently exposed himself to two women at the Eyebrook Reservoir

A Corby man who deliberately masturbated in front of two women at a local beauty spot has been sentenced after one of his victims told the court how she was left scared for her own safety.

Andrew Michael Ross – who has changed his name by deed poll from his former name of Andrew McElhinney – was caught twice indecently exposing himself in front of two women who had visited the Eyebrook Reservoir.

He was caught pleasuring himself on two occasions and spoke to both women while doing so.

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Andrew Michael Ross was sentenced at Leicester Magistrates' Court last week

One of the women said in court she believed that Ross had later driven his car at speed at her and found her tyres slashed. He was not charged with these offences and completely denied any involvement.

Leicester Magistrates’ Court found Ross, of Browning Walk, guilty after a trial in February and he appeared before the court again on Thursday (April 14) for sentence.

Prosecutor Sally Bedford told the bench that the first victim had been walking her dog at lunchtime on March 11, 2020, at the Eyebrook Reservoir on the Northamptonshire / Rutland border.

The woman passed Ross’s Fiat Punto on her way to walk the dog and then when she returned, it had its doors open.

"As she walked past the car, she could see the seat was reclined,” said Ms Bedford. “She didn’t engage with the defendant in the vehicle but he shouted ‘hello’.”

As she drew level with the vehicle she saw Ross naked from the waist down, smiling at her, masturbating. She called the police when she got back to her car.

On July 27 she was again walking her dog at the reservoir when she spotted the same vehicle. This time she was able to take down the registration, but Ross spotted her.

Ms Bedford said: “He started to drive away, pulled the wheel around and was driving straight towards her. She jumped out of the way and he sped off.”

When she got back to her car, the tyres had been slashed. There were no charges laid against Ross for the later accusations.

In a victim personal statement, the first victim said she had lived alone for 20 years and had never before been scared while walking her dog.

But after the incident she became worried that the defendant would find out where she lived so she slept with a knife under her pillow.

Meanwhile, on May 30, 2020, an off-duty female Northants Police officer was walking at the reservoir when she saw the Punto with its windows fully open. She told the court she had an ‘uneasy feeling’ about the car and when she drew level with it, she saw Ross naked, masturbating.

She shouted an obscenity at him and he replied: “You bet.”

She told him she was a police officer and took a picture of his registration before he pulled his shorts up and sped off.

In mitigation, the court was told that the incident was ‘out of character’ for Ross, who had no relevant previous convictions.

A probation report said that he had a low risk of reoffending but that he had developed issues with alcohol since he was charged due to the stress of the proceedings.

His solicitor said that if he were jailed, he would be exposed to people ‘far worse than him’ and would not have a good prospect of rehabilitation.

The court heard he would not be able to complete any work in the community because of a previous injury that meant he lived off benefits.

He was given a community penalty that includes 20 rehabilitation requirement days and a six-month alcohol treatment programme. He was also ordered to pay £965 in court costs and fees and was told he must comply with the sex offenders’ notification requirements for five years.

The prosecution asked for a restraining order to prevent Mr Ross approaching his first victim but this was turned-down by the court.

The women involved had to wait two years for justice after Ross’s trial was delayed four times because he said he had Covid symptoms.

He had been due to be sentenced a week ago but again failed to turn up at court, once again citing Covid.

Ross had also contacted the Northants Telegraph newsrooom following his trial to try to persuade us to keep his full identity out of the public domain. But we refused on the grounds that it is in the public interest to know the identity and address of sex offenders in our communities.

Ross now says he intends to appeal the magistrates’ verdict because he denies that the person involved was him.

What is indecent exposure?

A defendant must have been proven to intentionally showed their genitals in a public place in order to cause alarm or distress.

What is indecent exposure?

A defendant must have been proven to intentionally showed their genitals in a public place in order to cause alarm or distress.

It's classed as a sex crime and those found guilty of it may be subject to the Sexual Offences Notification Requirements - otherwise known as having to sign the Sex Offenders Register.

It carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail for the most serious offences.

Recent studies show 25 per cent of those who commit exposure also go on to commit other sexual offences that involve physical contact including rape.