Corby creep sexted '13-year-old girl'

He was caught by an online paedophile hunter group

By Sam Wildman
Saturday, 14th May 2022, 6:30 am

A Corby paedophile warned a ‘13-year-old girl’ that weird people used the chat room they were on – before sending her vile sexual messages and pictures.

Trevor Booth thought he was chatting to a teenager called Lilly when he told her would love to have sex with her and asked if she wanted to meet.

But all along he was speaking to paedophile hunters and was later confronted in a Facebook live stream.

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Trevor Booth as he's confronted by paedophile hunters. Credit: CIM (Children’s Innocence Matters)

Yesterday (Friday) he was given a suspended prison sentence after admitting he needed help.

Northampton Crown Court heard the 26-year-old was using social website Tagged on March 7 this year when he messaged Lilly, whose profile said she was 18.

He opened the conversation with: “What brings a stunner like you to this mess of a site?”

Lilly told him she was online to make friends and was a 13-year-old from Shrewsbury.

The court heard Booth, of Beverley Walk, replied: "There’s way too many creeps on here who would jump on the fact you are 13.”

Prosecuting, Ben Gow said the chat later moved onto WhatsApp.

He said: "Once there the chat became sexualised. He asked for her picture and told her she had a decent set of boobs.

"He said he was chilling in his boxers and asked if she wanted to see what was underneath.”

The paedophile then sent her a naked picture of himself and told her he would love to have sex with her before sending further messages.

When she asked if she was too young he replied with: “Who gives a **** if you are too young.”

The pair spoke on Snapchat where warehouse worker Booth asked if she wanted to meet up to engage in sexual activity.

He later terminated their conversation but by then voluntary group COST (Child Online Safety Team) already had evidence of his behaviour.

They informed the police and another paedophile hunter group, CIM (Children’s Innocence Matters), went to his home where he was confronted in his dressing gown in a 44-minute live stream.

There he admitted his actions and he was arrested. The court heard he had similar contact with a second decoy.

Booth admitted attempted sexual communication with a child and was remanded into custody at HMP Peterborough for a month, appearing at court over a videolink. Yesterday a charge of attempting to arrange or facilitate a child sex offence was dropped by prosecutors.

The court heard a taste of life behind bars had been a ‘clear wake-up call’ and that a report concluded he posed a low risk of committing further sexual offences.

Mitigating, Caroline Bray said: “There is genuine remorse and full and frank honesty.

"At no time did he minimise or deny sexual gratification...he’s asked for help.”

Recorder Timothy Green QC ruled that given Booth’s lack of convictions, guilty plea and willingness to rehabilitate he could suspend the sentence he passed.

He told the paedophile: "This is your not expect any more chances.”

Booth was handed 12 months in prison, suspended for 24 months, and was told he must complete 40 hours of unpaid work and take part in rehabilitation activities.

He will be on the register for sex offenders for five years and subject to a five-year sexual harm prevention order.