Collette killer WILL be released after appeal by her Corby family is denied

Adam Stein will be released imminently

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 11:38 am

The man who killed Collette Gallacher 35-years ago could be set free from jail within days after an appeal against his release by her family was rejected.

Adam Stein, who is now 61, murdered Collette in 1986 after abducting her while she walked to school.

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The Northants Telegraph is supporting Collette's family in their campaign to get Stein on the sex offenders register

Since then Collette's family has launched a campaign with the support of this newspaper and from two former Home Secretaries to ensure that Stein is placed on the sex offenders register.

After publicity from this newspaper and from national media, Collette's sisters Lauren and Claire were told that Stein would now be classed as a Mappa level 3 offender on release - which is reserved for the most serious of cases, and those that attract media attention or where public confidence in the justice system could be undermined.

But the Holmes family also appealed against his release on several grounds including the fact they believed Stein was still a big risk to women and children and that the charge of rape, left to lie on file at the trial in 1986, had not been fully considered when determining Stein's character.

Now they have received a decision from Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service Public Protection Casework Section Reconsideration Team (PPCSRT) to inform them that Stein will be released. Claire Holmes said that it is believed Stein could be released to an undisclosed area in the South East of England within days.

Collette Gallacher was killed 35 years ago. Picture: JPI Media.

She said: "This is disheartening news but we can't give up at the first negative response.

"The fact that we have already got his Mappa level increased is awesome enough.

"This is a minor setback in comparison to the support and success so far. On we march."

In a letter to Collette's family, the decision from the PPCSRT states that the Parole Board decided that is is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that Stein remains detained and so directed his release on life licence.

It goes on: "The Panel considering the case were fully informed of the impact Mr Stein’s crime has had on you and your family and the fatal harm caused to Collette. The Victim Personal

Statements (VPS) written by you and your mother, very poignantly expressed the devastating consequences of Mr Stein’s actions. Please be assured that the panel fully considered the contents of the both statements when making their decision.

"The panel were provided with a full history of Mr Stein’s previous offending and the circumstances of the murder of your sister. The panel reviewed all of this information very carefully when reaching its decision, as well as focusing on his current levels of risk. Whilst there is always an element of risk when releasing an offender, the panel are required to be content that the evidence presented to them indicates that an offender’s risk is manageable within the community.

"The panel are required to base their decision on the risk the offender poses at this current time. In Mr Stein’s case, the panel were content that there has been a sufficient reduction in his risk and, along with the robust regime management plan, consider that he is manageable in the community. We found no evidence to dispute this.

"The panel were fully aware of Mr Stein’s behaviour in the community prior to his latest recall, the recall matters and his behaviour since his return to custody.

"When undertaking a review of a prisoner the panel considers evidence from key witnesses and at an oral hearing will question those witnesses directly. I can confirm that qualified probation and prison officers, who are very experienced at assessing risk, are involved in the management of Mr Stein and provided evidence to assist the panel with their decision making.

"Mr Stein has completed all core risk reduction work to a level where all key witness believe his level of risk has reduced significantly enough to be managed within the community.

"Mr Stein will be subject to very close supervision by the NPS for life and can be recalled to custody if he shows any sign of posing an increased risk that cannot be safely managed in the community."

On his release the Northants Telegraph understands Stein will have to adhere to a strict protocol including submitting to lie detector tests and wearing an electronic tag. He will not be allowed into Northamptonshire. It is also believed Stein will not be allowed to go to parks, playgrounds or swimming pools on his release, and will not be allowed to be around girls under the age of 16.

This is the second time Stein has been released. When he was let out of prison in 2016 he had re-offended within 14 months and was sent back to prison.

Claire and Lauren have been asked to write to Secretary of State for Justice Robert Buckland with their views on the case and it is hoped this will be fed into a root and branch review of the parole board due to be carried out imminently.

The sisters have also been asked to meet with MP Harriet Harman, Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights.