CCTV captures moment customer trashes Kettering takeaway

A man who claimed he had been given no cheese on his cheesy chips and no burger in his bun started trashing the takeaway when he was proved wrong.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 5:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 6:34 pm

Russell Marlow, who works in Danny’s Pizza and Grill in Burton Latimer, Kettering, said the man seemed to be very drunk when he came in last night (Tuesday, October 15).

Russell said: “The customer came in about 10.30pm last night and he was saying last time he came in he didn’t get any cheese on his chips.”

According to Russell, he and Daniel Yekta, the owner of the takeaway, told the man they would give him extra cheese to make up for it and when they served the man, he went away.

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The angry customer started throwing things when he was refused a refund because nothing was wrong with his order

However, Russell said: “He came back in about five minutes later and he came in shouting and screaming saying we knew what we had done.

“He said there was no cheese on his chips.”

Russell said they showed the man there was cheese on his chips but the man then turned his attention to his burger.

“He said his burger wasn’t there but we showed him it was there under the bun and that’s when he kicked off,” said Russell.

The man threw a radio and the till

CCTV from the takeaway shows the man throwing things at Russell and Danny before smashing a radio, a TV screen and throwing the till before he leaves and attempts to shatter the glass door by slamming it twice.

Russell said the man asked for a refund but was refused because there was nothing wrong with his food.

“He seemed very drunk and when he left he got into his car and drove off,” said Russell, which he said was the most worrying part of the whole ordeal.

It was only Russell and Danny in the takeaway at the time and he said it was very scary.

The TV to the right of the sign, above the fridge, was smashed

Russell estimates the damage to the TV, radio and till could cost between £500 to £600 each for the TV and till and £120 for the radio, a maximum total of £1,320.

They have reported the incident to the police. A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “A man came into the pizza shop, verbally abused the staff and damaged the till and a radio, before making off.

“We are investigating the incident and would appeal for anyone with information to come forward.”

The customer threw chips at staff