Burglars steal charity money from dog grooming salon in Wellingborough

A dog grooming and training centre was flooded by burglars who burst the pipes as they stole charity collection boxes.

By Phoebe Radford
Monday, 14th October 2019, 1:30 pm
Updated Monday, 14th October 2019, 2:22 pm
Marboo Dogz were flooded because burglars stood on pipes in the bathroom when they climbed through a window
Marboo Dogz were flooded because burglars stood on pipes in the bathroom when they climbed through a window

Tiena Shiraishi, who co-owns Marboo Dogz Pet Grooming and Dog Training Centre with Rachel Young, said they discovered the break-in when they arrived this morning (Monday, October 14).

Tiena said: "I came in this morning at about quarter to seven and they have literally tipped everything out, ripped everything.

"They have trodden on the pipes so we are flooded.

Marboo Dogz said their customers have been amazing

"They have taken the charity boxes with about £80."

Tiena said the burglars got in to the grooming salon on College Street, Wellingborough, through a bathroom window and burst the water pipes when they entered, leaving the downstairs area flooded.

The damage meant the business has had to close until they can sort everything out, like ordering new clippers after their's were smashed.

Tiena said: "We were meant to be having some rescue dogs coming in to get cleaned up, that's the sad bit."

Marboo Dogz has been forced to close after the break-in

As well as the damage and the theft of the charity boxes, Tiena said the burglars have taken an expensive Nikon d700 camera, sweets that were given out to children, and a phone.

Tiena said: "They have taken our big camera, which is the most expensive thing that is gone. We just bought a new lens for £300."

There were three lenses with the camera that Marboo Dogz used to take photos of rescue pets and those they groom and train.

Customers and the community around Marboo Dogz have rallied and Tiena said they had already helped in the clean up.

Marboo Dogz has been helped out after a break-in

Tiena said: "The community have been absolutely wonderful, someone had a water sucker so all the water is gone, we are drying now.

"They have been absolutely brilliant, they have come down and made us cups of tea and to see if we are ok."

One customer even bought the groomers a new printer.

Marboo Dogz also run a dog club at the Kingsway Centre in Wellingborough and both Tiena and Rachel are Crufts grooming judges.

The incident was reported to the police and a spokesman said: "We can confirm we were called at 7.50am today about this incident.

"We're investigating and appealing for witnesses."

Tiena has asked for anyone offered to buy a Nikon d700 to be aware of their stolen camera.

Anyone with information can call Northamptonshire Police on 101 or anonymously on Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.