Body found in Kettering street

Officers are on the scene

A terraced Kettering street is closed off this morning after a body was discovered.

Neighbours were awoken to the sound of sirens as fire, police and ambulance workers arrived on the scene.

By 9.30am detectives were examining the scene outside a home in Buccleuch Street between Albion Road and Cross Street.

Officers search for clues in Buccleuch Street

They were searching between wheeled bins and retrieving belongings thought to be owned by the man who died. A green tarpaulin covered the area directly around the scene of the incident.

His death is currently being described as ‘unexplained’.

Another home further along the road was cordoned off with a police officer standing guard.

One man said: “I got up about nine to get a drink and there were lots of police around.

A house remains sealed further along the street

“I don’t know who lives in the house but it’s not the greatest place to live. I’ve been woken up by sirens before."

The house that is cordoned off had its curtains closed and building waste piled up in the front garden.

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “We were called to reports of the sudden death of a man in Buccleuch Street in Kettering shortly after 8am today.

"Once we have established circumstances surrounding this unexplained death we will be able to provide more information.”

The street is cordoned of between Albion Street and Cross Street
Officers were called out at 8am
An officer stands guard in Buccleuch Street