Bees, ferrets and turkeys: Northamptonshire's animal thefts investigated by police

Police officers in Northamptonshire have investigated more than 400 animal thefts since 2013 - including stolen bees.

By Sam Wildman
Sunday, 22nd December 2019, 7:00 am
Police were called after two reports of stolen bees.
Police were called after two reports of stolen bees.

Data released under Freedom of Information laws has revealed the animals stolen in the county in the past six years.

Dogs are the most common animals to be targeted by thieves, with the 132 stolen making up for more than a quarter of the 415 animals thefts reported.

The year with the most was 2016/17 when 35 were stolen. In 2016 there was an emotional reunion after Bella the springer spaniel was found four months after she was stolen in Rothwell.

Other thefts included two reports of bees being stolen. It's not known how many bees were stolen with each count classing the theft as the queen bee and her hive or colony.

Police were also called to investigate stolen ducks (12), ferrets (five), a rat, a spider and three turkeys.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said: “To many people, pets are part of the family, so when one is stolen it can have a devastating effect.

“If you have an animal stolen, please report it to us as soon as you realise so we can start an investigation as quickly as possible.”

Anyone wanting to report a stolen animal should call police on 101.


Bees - 2

Birds - 40

Bulls - 1

Cats - 15

Chickens - 60

Cows - 12

Dogs - 132

Donkeys - 1

Ducks - 12

Ferrets - 5

Fish - 39

Geese - 3

Goats - 1

Guinea Pigs - 4

Hamsters - 1

Horses - 2

Lizards - 1

Owls - 1

Pigs - 3

Rabbits - 17

Rats - 1

Sheep - 45

Snakes - 9

Spiders - 1

Tortoises - 4

Turkeys - 3